Caramel Butter Pecan

Butter pecan is now even better. We swirled gooey caramel with classic candied pecans in our deliciously creamy plant-based vanilla ice cream.

Its planet-saving power tastes as satisfying as it feels.

  • plant-based
  • non-dairy
  • chef-crafted
  • non-gmo

Tastes great, does good


Chef crafted

Our chef and co-founder has worked at restaurants totaling 16 Michelin Stars, bringing the highest standards to every flavor


Dairy’s lick-a-like

Mimicking milk’s creaminess, molecule-for-molecule, with cassava, corn, rapeseed and potato


Appetite for better

Doing our part to create a positive impact for animals, people, and the planet


Rave reviews from real customers.


901 reviews

The cookie butter is fantastic, and I look forward to trying different flavors (mango passionfruit, I'm looking at you!) While this ice-cream is vegan, it was incredibly creamy and delectable. I am an ice-cream connoisseur and am confident that this was one of the best vegan pints I've had—definitely try if you have the chance!

Nicole M. (California)

I really enjoyed the dark side of the spoon flavor. The texture was amazing for a plant-based ice cream and I thought the ratio of mix-ins to ice cream was good. Delicious bites of plant based peanut butter cookie dough and fudge pieces were mixed throughout chocolate flavored ice cream. It was indulgent, tasty, creamy, and exceeded my expectations!

Rachel E. (California)

Creamy and delectable, best of all it is vegan/plant based! No guilt and does not hurt my tummy. Will be buying more to try the other flavors, can not wait!

Liberty A. (California)

I tried the Mango Passionfruit Eclipse Foods ice cream and the flavor is spectacular, especially for the hot summer weather. This is such a refreshing treat.

Carmen L. (California)

Loved this ice cream. Rich and creamy. You would never know it's milk free dairy free until you read the label. Highly recommend trying this ice cream..

JENNIFER L. (California)

I tried the Eclipse Mint Chip ice cream, and it actually was creamy. Not as creamy as ice cream, but also not the sugar overload on my body and teeth.

Mark A. (California)

I tried the Mango Passionfruit flavor and it did not disappoint. It was really refreshing and tasted like regular ice cream. Very creamy and a sweet treat. Can't wait to try the other flavors!

Candy W. (California)

This ice cream exceeded my expectations. I didn't miss the dairy at all. I tried the dark chocolate flavor and it didn't disappoint. The flavor is rich and decadent and the texture is creamy and satisfying. I wholeheartedly recommend this brand.

Janice F. (California)

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