Peanut Butter Brownie

We swirled mind-bogglingly creamy chocolate plant-based ice cream with peanut butter and brownie chunks. But the good karma you’ll get from looking out for our planet’s future? That’s fully baked.

  • plant-based
  • non-dairy
  • chef-crafted

Tastes great, does good


Chef crafted

Our chef and co-founder has worked at restaurants totaling 16 Michelin Stars, bringing the highest standards to every flavor


Dairy’s lick-a-like

Mimicking milk’s creaminess, molecule-for-molecule, with cassava, corn, rapeseed and potato


Appetite for better

Doing our part to create a positive impact for animals, people, and the planet


Rave reviews from real customers.


901 reviews

This ice cream is dairy free but even the dairy eaters would love it. The secret with ECLIPSE ice cream is creaminess and texture. What's more important they don't have an aftertaste.

Angelika w. (California)

The Eclipse plant based ice cream pint was flavorful and had a creamy texture. I liked the colors the various flavors of the Eclipse pints came in which made them easy to distinguish between. This is a healthy substitute to dairy ice cream.

Da B. (Texas)

I really liked this ice cream. The flavor was strong but not overly strong. It went very well with chocolate cake. The best part was the ice cream texture was smooth and the chips were crunchy.

Robin C. (California)

Its one of the best ice creams that I have ever tried and purchased. I have been trying to avoid dairy and this is very good. :) The flavor was so good. I highly recommend just trying git.

Lauren V. (California)

Love this ice cream!
I enjoy mint chip a lot so I'm glad that there was this flavor. So many unique flavors and varieties. Wow!
I am loving all the plant-based options but some just miss the mark in terms of texture. This one hit the spot! So good and refreshing. Creamy and delicious. I appreciate the options. Yum. Minty and chocolatey. Just what I like. :)

Natalie M. (California)

Delicious ice cream, our whole family like very much, I choose strawberry flavor, very delicious, very lubricated, creamy feeling. The package is brightly colored and looks good. I will buy it again in the future.

Crystal Y. (California)

My family loved the great taste of the delicious vintage vanilla plant based ice cream by Eclipse Foods that has no preservatives and is also vegan.

Mose H. (California)

I received a coupon from SocialNature for a free pint of Eclipse Foods' plant-based ice cream. I redeemed it a local Whole Foods for the Vintage Vanilla flavor. The texture is fairly good but not as rich as dairy (the fat content differs, obviously) but something that one can get used to. As I grow older, I'm having more trouble processing dairy so this is a great alternative. Apparently, this isn't a single "base" plant but a mixture so please read ingredients before trying!

Miriam C. (California)

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