Not all non-dairy ice creams are created equal. Just like everything else in life, there are better and worse ways to go about making it. 

We’ve figured out the best way. Read on, and we just might give you the scoop. 

Everyone’s Screaming for Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Everyone’s screaming for non-dairy ice cream, and we’re not just talking about vegans.

Honestly, we’ve already been on the non-dairy ice cream bandwagon for years. But that’s ok! Everyone moves at their own pace. The important part is that, however long it took, people are finally starting to realize all the amazingness that non-dairy ice cream has to offer. Welcome! The grass is greener on the dairy-free side of the fence. 

Non-dairy ice cream is making its move on the market, and it’s moving fast and furious. Dairy sales have been consistently falling over the last 15 years, with plant-based alternatives swooping in and making a name for themselves. Research from a Neilson consumer report showed that almost 40% of Americans are trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet. And leading the way for this shift towards more plant-based eating is—drumroll, please—ice cream! 

Non-dairy is now the fastest-growing segment of the frozen dessert category. Plant-based products in grocery stores used to be few and far between – seriously, you were lucky enough to find one, and when you did, it was probably… not the best. Fast forward a few years, and it’s a whole new scene. There’s milk made from oats, cheese made from almonds, and most importantly, ice cream made without cream. Progress is beautiful. 

Wait, What’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream Again?

Excellent question. Many people out there shy away from plant-based and non-dairy products simply because they’re unfamiliar with them. 

But there’s no reason to be shy. We get it; non-dairy ice cream can sound a little weird—something like meatless meat or cheeseless cheese, stuff that our grandparents wouldn’t understand. (Has anyone ever tried explaining vegan products to their grandparents? If you have, you probably got laughed out the door. Or met with a very blank expression of confusion.

Non-dairy ice cream is ice cream made from any type of milk other than animal milk. Some popular dairy-free substitutes are almond, coconut, soy, and oat milk, with many others too. 

If we want to be all “official” about it, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines ice cream as containing “dairy ingredients.” So technically, non-dairy ice cream isn’t ice cream at all. But we’re not here to be technical; we’re here to talk about ice cream. Anyways, the takeaway is that unless whatever frozen deliciousness you have in your hand is labeled “non-dairy frozen dessert,” it likely has at least some dairy in it. 

But Why Non-Dairy?

Why are so many people beginning to favor non-dairy products? There are several reasons (we wrote a whole article about it here). Still, it usually boils down to one of three reasons: catering to allergies and sensitivities, for the environment, or to improve and optimize their overall health. 

Allergies and sensitivities are self-explanatory; close to 50 million Americans have some degree of lactose intolerance. As tasty as dairy can be, it’s not quite tasty enough to outweigh the discomfort pain from an upset stomach. In terms of the environment, dairy-free ice cream uses substantially less water, less land, and emits fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than leading traditional dairy products. 

Following a plant-based diet may be the easiest, most significant way to reduce your environmental impact. We know this can be a controversial topic regarding health, so we’ll just share that one in five Americans report trying to consume less dairy for health reasons. 

The Best Ice Cream Is Creamy Ice Cream

“Creamy” ice cream may sound redundant, but hear us out. 

Let’s recall that most dairy-free ice creams are made from alternatives like almond or oat milk. One of the most appealing attributes of these non-dairy options is that they offer significantly lower calorie counts than traditional ice cream. This sounds great, but it’s not. 

Ice cream gets its thick, rich creaminess from the fat content of the milk. So, most ice creams using substitutes like almond milk are all rather bland, lacking flavor, texture, and yumminess because of the lack of fat. It also breaks our heart to hear people say they didn’t like non-dairy ice cream because it tasted chalky – they’re just not trying to right ones!

Unfortunately, not every brand is lucky enough to have Michelin and Rising Star Chefs in their kitchen. We are, though, hi! We took a different approach to dairy-free ice cream; we looked at the composition of milk and then completely rebuilt it from the ground up, using nothing but plants. 

Our “milk” (our secret sauce) is made from six simple ingredients, all straight from Mother Nature herself. We also work our magic (ice cream making) in a kitchen, not a laboratory. Our ice cream base comprises nothing more than oats, corn, potato, cassava, organic cane sugar, and non-GMO canola oil. However, it isn’t as simple as just throwing these ingredients together. It’s how we process them and put them together – it really is a craft. 

There’s beauty in simplicity, and our recipe passes the test. With this milk as our base, we’ve created ice cream that’s so unbelievably creamy, it’s indistinguishable from dairy. 

We’ve figured it out – there is no “ice cream” without creaminess. It’s just not the same, and it doesn’t do justice to the legacy that is ice cream. 

We Also Think Bigger

We’re proud to be able to say that we do more than just make ice cream. We’re working towards something bigger, much bigger.

Our food system is broken, and our climate is hurting. We’re working towards creating a more sustainable, responsible, and humane food system. It’s easy for everyone to help out; we provide the delicious products, you get to eat some delicious food. Oh, and save the world. Being a part of the solution has never tasted this good.

Now that’s getting to have your cake and eat it too. 

Ice Cream Critical

There are two types of people in the world: those on team chocolate and those on team vanilla. 

We’re inclusive here at Eclipse, so to each their own. We have something for everyone. 

Eclipse Classic Collection is our line of signature must-have flavors. Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cookie Butter ice cream are all tried and true and continue to make us proud. 

Vanilla tastes just like vanilla. It’s not with undertones of vanilla or random pockets of it here and there; it’s vanilla ice cream. Simple as that.

Chocolate is chocolate, with a hint of chocolate, and an extra touch of chocolate. Rich, creamy, and decadent, without compromise. Calling team chocolate, this chocolate ice cream doesn’t disappoint. 

And to all the cookie lovers out there, we have you more than covered. Imagine a velvety river of vanilla sweetness scattered with chunks of cookies so golden, you’ll feel like a miner. This cookie butter ice cream is a Fan Fave for a good reason, trust us. 

The classics will always be classics, but we didn’t stop there. Cue, Chef Collection. These exclusive collaborations are all plant-based (duh), chef-crafted, and 100% good, with the proceeds going to a charity of the Chef’s choice. 

Each ice cream in the series is a collaboration with a renowned chef from around the world. Like Mango Coconut Sticky Rice (for example), this series marries the perfect ice cream qualities that we’ve mastered with internationally inspired flavors. Sounds exciting, right? Here’s a sneak peek of a few more: Cherry & Black Sesame Swirl, Thai Iced Tea, Figgin’ Delicious, Coffee Halvah Chocolate Chunk, and so many others. 

We’ve found a way to make one-of-a-kind, wonderfully unique, and absolutely delicious flavors, all while helping a good cause. We’re so excited to share them with you. 

We Make the Best Non-Dairy Ice Cream

If it’s not the best, then what’s the point?

Eclipse ice cream is good by design. It’s the first plant-based ice cream that requires no sacrifice to taste, texture, or functionality. Creamy and rich, it’s not a dairy alternative; it’s a dairy sequel. Better yet, our ice cream base is free from all common allergens – no soy, nuts, wheat, or lactose. It’s all of the good stuff, with none of the bad stuff. 

Non-dairy ice cream is here to stay, and it’s time to settle down with the best one. With the Classics always there for you and a continually evolving Chef’s Collection, we’ve got you covered. 

Eclipse is the brand to know when it comes to anything and everything related to plant-based ice cream. Don’t just take our word for it; CNNSan Francisco Chronicle, and Forbes are just a few more of our supporters.

It’s so creamy, even the cows are jealous. 

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