Mango Passion Fruit

Juicy mango and tangy passion fruit bring the tropical vibes in this refreshing and creamy plant-based ice cream. Its vacation-feels are only matched by the feel-good-feels of solving the planet’s problems with every scoop.

  • plant-based
  • non-dairy
  • chef-crafted
  • non-gmo

Tastes great, does good


Chef crafted

Our chef and co-founder has worked at restaurants totaling 16 Michelin Stars, bringing the highest standards to every flavor


Dairy’s lick-a-like

Mimicking milk’s creaminess, molecule-for-molecule, with cassava, corn, rapeseed and potato


Appetite for better

Doing our part to create a positive impact for animals, people, and the planet


Rave reviews from real customers.


901 reviews

Good good flavor excellent size you should try them all honestly will probably continue buying for now on unless the price increase as all do

Codi H. (Texas)

The dark side of the spoon flavor was so good. I really wanted to try the passion fruit flavor but they didn't have it. Will be looking out for it next time!

DESI L. (California)

I was hesitant before checking out this ice cream as most plant based types tastes blah. I was pleasantly surprised. the cookie butter flavor was delicious! It had big chunks of cookies and the ice cream was nice and creamy. So happy to have tried this brand!

Sharon K. (California)

The Mango Passionfruit flavor of Eclipse ice cream is so fruity! I really like the sweetness of mango and the slight sourness of passionfruit. This is my new favorite!

Jonq C. (California)

Indistinguishable from dairy/non-vegan ice cream. Absolutely delicious. The flavor was divine. I got the Dark Side of the Spoon, which is a chocolate ice cream base with peanut butter cookie dough and fudge chunks. It's so rich and mind blowing that this is completely vegan. It makes me question the entire dairy industry. Cookie Butter was also a strong contender since the flavor sounded enticing but the Dark Side of the Spoon won me over.

Jenny L. (California)

t's a rich chocolate ice cream with chunks of fudge and peanut butter cookie dough. The flavor is sublime, and the (very creamy, obviously) texture is on point.

ahmed a. (California)

I tried the flavor cookie butter. It was creamy with a vibrant texture. I liked the bits of cookies and caramel intertwined. I liked the bits an pieces of cookie. It was so soft and sweet. I enjoyed this flavor a lot.

DRIA F. (Texas)

My favorite flavor is butter pecan and I have never tried caramel added to it so I tried it out and it was so good! I really enjoyed the texture and bits inside each bite. I really want to try more flavors!

Katie K. (Texas)

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