Mango Passion Fruit

Juicy mango and tangy passion fruit bring the tropical vibes in this refreshing and creamy plant-based ice cream. Its vacation-feels are only matched by the feel-good-feels of solving the planet’s problems with every scoop.

  • plant-based
  • non-dairy
  • chef-crafted
  • non-gmo

Tastes great, does good


Chef crafted

Our chef and co-founder has worked at restaurants totaling 16 Michelin Stars, bringing the highest standards to every flavor


Dairy’s lick-a-like

Mimicking milk’s creaminess, molecule-for-molecule, with cassava, corn, rapeseed and potato


Appetite for better

Doing our part to create a positive impact for animals, people, and the planet


Rave reviews from real customers.


901 reviews

Plant-Based Ice Cream was very good. The texture was on point,very creamy. I'm glad that I had decided to try something new. I will definitely be adding it to my shopping list.

Sonja H. (Texas)

This is one of the best ice creams that I have ever tasted, plant based or not. I got the Caramel Butter Pecan flavor, which is very similar to Baskin Robbins Pralines and Cream. I like this one even better because the flavors really come through. It's not overly sweet and sugary

- just right amount of sweetness. The consistency is perfect - incredibly smooth and creamy. Only downside is it's a bit pricey.

Laura B. (California)

This is by far my favorite tasting vegan ice cream. The flavors are spot on. It goes great by itself, in a milkshake or any other yummy vegan dessert.

Summer P. (California)

I absolutely loved this ice cream. The packaging is so cute and I love the flavor options. There are so many great options that it's hard to pick which on to get (so I know I'm going to have to go back and try more). Big fan!

Ellie K. (California)

I don't eat vegan ice cream that often but was surprised at how creamy this is. The flavor is a bit rich (caramel butter pecan) but that's ok because this would be perfect for the holidays on a pie for example. I'm guessing the other flavors will be a little less sweet. I think this is for people who enjoy very creamy ice cream and desserts though.

Natasha N. (California)

This plant based ice cream from Eclipse was the best non dairy ice cream I've had. I got the cookie butter flavor and it was so delicious. It's my new favorite

Rebecca M. (California)

I like the Cookie Butter ice cream flavor. Nice texture and I couldn't notice that it's not cow milk. I would recommend to my friends. I like Estou dirigindo, depois nos falamos! bjo colorful package too.

Margareth K.(California)

I tried the Vintage Vanilla flavor and I really liked it. I've said before in another ice cream review that I am picky when it comes to ice cream flavors but this was a delicious vanilla which actually took me by surprise since I had never seen this company's ice creams before I tried it. And it doesn't really matter to me if the packaging of any ice cream isn't so eye catching because it's how the ice cream TASTES thats the really important thing I go by! And I am grateful that Social Nature allowed me to try this ice cream too. Vintage Vanilla for a vintage lover! #trynatural

Elizabeth G. (California)

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