Cookie Butter Crumble

Chunks of soft, cinnamon cookies are mixed with a rich, speculoos swirl in this unbelievably creamy plant-based ice cream. Great tasting and great for the planet? Being part of the solution has never been tastier.

  • plant-based
  • non-dairy
  • chef-crafted

Tastes great, does good


Chef crafted

Our chef and co-founder has worked at restaurants totaling 16 Michelin Stars, bringing the highest standards to every flavor


Dairy’s lick-a-like

Mimicking milk’s creaminess, molecule-for-molecule, with cassava, corn, rapeseed and potato


Appetite for better

Doing our part to create a positive impact for animals, people, and the planet


Rave reviews from real customers.


901 reviews

Me encantó este producto ya que es una obcion para toda la familia. Los ninos aman el elado. Y esta obccion es muy deliciosa para ellos.

Una de las favoritas del hogar apartir de la adquisición.

TambiÃn puedo mencionar que ya que no contiene lácteos es ideal para mís hijos ya que están en un proceso de no lácteos por indicaciones médicas

Maria Nataly G. (Texas)

Yummy!!! I was shocked to see the ingredients don't have a typical nut milk (coconut, cashew, almond etc) base, but it was so good!! I wasn't the biggest fan of this flavor but that's only my personal preference. I'm def going to try the other flavors!!

Leilani L. (California)

wow! I didn't know what to expect from this brand, but it was amazing! I absolutely loved the cookie butter flavor, and I can definitely see myself repurchasing that one! I tried a couple other flavors, but they did not compare to that one!

Hannah P. (California)

This is the BEST ice cream I've ever had. Not even exaggerating here. The fact that it's plant-based and tastes this good is astounding. The Cookie Butter flavor was so creamy and delicious. I was extremely satisfied with the amount of cookie pieces included. I'll definitely be trying more from Eclipse. Thank you!

Emmitt J. (California)

This is a great option for a non-dairy ice cream! I love "normal" ice cream from a cow but sometimes my stomach can't handle it. I love the variety of flavors, cookie butter is so good!! just like the lotus spread.

Trisha N. (California)

I love the concept of plant-based ice cream. I tried the Caramel Butter Pecan flavor. I like the taste but I prefer a more creamy texture. Will try other flavors. Hopefully, they'll make an organic version.

Atsuko Y. (California)

Unbelievably good! You would never know that this was not dairy based ice cream. We tried the cookie butter flavor and it was delicious. My only hesitation is that this ice cream is oil based, so I'm not sure if I will be buying it regularly. However, I am lactose intolerant and this is a great substitute for when I am wanting an ice cream treat!

Jaime P. (California)

Eclipse plant based ice cream is really close in flavor and texture to a traditional product. It was hard to find at my local store and had to go to one of the bigger stores to get it.

Cherall W. (California)

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