Anything dairy can do, Eclipse can do better. 

Rich, silky, and outta-this-world creamy, our plant-based dairy changes the game for sustainable deliciousness in any kind of foodservice operation.


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Superior Taste and Texture

Dairy lovers preferred us in a blind taste test against milk-based ice cream. You read that right. Consumers love our product more than dairy: 73% of people said Eclipse tasted creamier than the best-selling dairy ice cream.


Eclipse’s ice cream base is allergen-friendly. Unlike other ice creams, it’s not made with dairy, lactose, tree nuts like almonds, oats, or soy. It’s also cholesterol-free and made with non-GMO ingredients.


Smooth Operations

All Eclipse products function just like dairy, making it simple and easy to integrate into your operations, regardless of your current equipment.

One Stop Shop

Eclipse is a full service solution provider that guides you from scoop to sale, with formats that seamlessly fit your operation and marketing support to drive business. We also provide marketing and merchandising support to ensure successful account partnership.

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“More and more consumers are seeking alternatives to animal milk, but most dairy substitutes taste terrible. Our revolutionary plant-based ice cream is indistinguishable from the real thing. Better for the planet, and amazing for your customers.”

Thomas Bowman
Cofounder & CTO

Recent Chef Collaborations


Chef JJ x Eclipse: Roasted Plantain Coconut Cream & Salted Caramel


State Bird Provisions x Eclipse: Toasted Almond Thyme


Flour Bakery x Eclipse: Sticky Sticky Bun